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Meet Our Alchemy Residents

Meet our alpaca team!

In 2018 when the children had nearly grown up and the nest was becoming empty... In came the alpacas as a soothing tonic!!!


He is the curious one and the most confident. He is often the favourite of our visitors. Named after 2 very special people, both called Ian. Ian the wonderful father to our 3 amazing children. Also Ian Siddons Hegginworth, the most beautiful soul who facilitated the Environmental Art Therapy training and also wrote my favourite book ‘Environmental Art Therapy and the Tree of Life’.


When we first had Gary, he was nervous and shy but as he got to know more and more of our community he has started to grow in confidence and trust. He has a real gentleness about him and made some special bonds with the children I have worked with.


Derrick. He is the alpha male. He can get excitable, especially around food but also can be cuddly when he has is halter on.

With love,




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